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One-stop storage solution for Metaverse with flexible metadata engine
CATA provides a complete one-stop solution for Metaverse data storage. CATA creatively extends the flow protocol to provide decentralized storage while achieving flexible metadata management, and is also compatible with SQL queries, providing extremely user-friendly and developer-friendly data access.

The first stop is NFT !

NFT, the hottest topic in the current decentralized world, has redefined asset ownership and created unprecedented value in the digital world. As an infrastructure, Flow forms a natural decentralized marketplace for NFT, enabling low transaction fees and a better user experience.
CATA has designed a set of interaction protocols for Flow's Cadence contract layer, enabling integration and full traceability of token transactions and data storage, providing a one-stop solution for NFT publishing, storage, management and distribution. It is fully compatible with Cadence's resource-oriented capabilities, allowing Cadence developers to easily connect NFT contracts to storage facilities.
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CATA's Metadata Engine, Minerva, is released now!

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