CATA docs


Getting Minerva

You could build Minerva from code source. It may take you several hours. So we recommend you install the minerva by release code.
You could get releases of Minerva by wget:
$ wget
The file size is about 400M, it may take you 10-30 mins to download it.
Once you download the file, you could unzip the files:
Then you could install the run the Minerva as follows:
#step 0, install java
yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel -y
yum install tmux -y
#revise apache-drill-1.16.0/conf/, DRILL_HOST_NAME to your machine ip
#step 1, add service
#please revise the path in drill-embedded.service
cp drill-embedded.service /usr/lib/systemd/system/
#step 2, add start
systemctl enable drill-embedded.service
#step 3, start
systemctl start drill-embedded.service
#visit http://ip:8047/

Getting IPFS

Now CATA supports ipfs 0.7 version:
You could get the release:
the tar the file as follows:
tar -xzvf go_ipfs_0.4.23.tar.gz
cd go-ipfs
After install the ipfs, you could start the ipfs as follows:
#step 0, init ipfs
ipfs init
cp swarm.key ~/.ipfs/
#step 1, add service
cp ipfsd.service /usr/lib/systemd/system/
#step 2, add start
systemctl enable ipfsd.service
#step 3, start
systemctl start ipfsd.service

Check installation

After install Minerva and ipfs, you could visit http://your-machine-ip:8047/
You should find the web page like this:
Then click the "Storage" in top nav tab, you should find the ipfs plugin:
if "ipfs" is not in left panel, please enable it.
Then you could add some files to ipfs and search them by SQL from Minerva.
First, you need download a python script and a test file:
The test.json is the metadata of some books. One line one data:
{"id": "53e9a743b7602d9703079a7f", "title": "On the characteristics of a system having master and helping unit", "authors": "S.K. Singh",...}
{"id": "53e9a743b7602d9703079a80", "title": "Study on Zoning Nature of the Structural Deformation in Overlying Strata of Deep Mines","authors":"aaaa",....}
Then could add test.json by we use "ipfs add", this command my split one json data into 2 segments )
Then, you could run sql for test.json in minerva web pages:
select * from ipfs./ipfs/Qmc7NGW5VQeTUSEfs88Ssj1S4xKZP6cjTqXgDKmrAoPrCa#json limit 10
You should get the result like this:
Con! You finish the installation of 2 basic components of CATA.